avatar 27 Dec 2012; 21:33 CET
written by Andy Simon


On New Year's day, the Grand Final Gala of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012 will come to you from the centre of the Euro Friends World: Belgium.

The Head Offices of the Euro Friends Song Contest and the Euro Friends Show are located in Mechelen, located in the middle of the rectangle Brussels-Leuven-Antwerp-Gent. The economical crisis also hit the the Euro Friends Song Contest and so the organisers decided to stay home this year. After Jerusalem in 2010 and Düsseldorf in 2011, Mechelen will be the host city of the 2012 Euro Friends Song Contest.

Andy Simon, supervisor and producer of the show, explains: "At some point, I had the idea of taking Mechelen as host city. It is not a big city, no it is small, but charming and it has a lot to offer. Mechelen has a rich cultural history and its location in the centre of Belgium and in the middle of the biggest cities of the country gave Mechelen often an important role in the history of the country. For example, the very first train in Belgium went from Mechelen to Brussels. In the last decade, the rulers of the city have made it a toppriority to make Mechelen an attractive city for tourists and a pleasant city of its inhabitants. The city is flourishing and I would like to invite the whole world to discover the assets of Mechelen. If the EBU can organize the Eurovision Song Contest in MIllstreet or Malmö, we can organize the Euro Friends Song Contest in Mechelen, which is without a doubt bigger then the Irish village and more beautiful then the Swedish city. The postcards that will introduce the songs in the Grand Final Gala of the Euro Friends Song Contest have been recorded in Mechelen and will take the viewers on an interesting trip through this undiscovered pearl.

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
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- source: Andy Simon