avatar 01 Jan 2013; 19:34 CET
written by Andy Simon


The Euro Friends Song Contest has a tradition of technical problems and computercrashes at the most crucial moments. Tonight, that is not any different. Like last year, the Grand Final Gala will be spread over 2 days.

Tonight, Andy Simon will present the 25 finalists in the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012 in unique performances in a glamourous show from the Nekkerhal in Mechelen, Belgium. The songs are introduced with little postcards presenting the viewers the beauty of the city.

The second part of the show was scheduled to be released tonight as well, around 22:00 CET, but a computercrash decided differently. The Euro Friends Team decided to postpone it until Wednesday the 2nd of January, 20:00 CET. Then the Grand Final will continue with special guestperformances of Alexander Rybak, Loreen and Yohanna and ofcourse the voting of the Grand Final of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012.

This means that the winner of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012 will remain a secret for 22 hours longer. And so the scenario of 2011, when the Euro Friends Final was also victim of a computercrash, repeats itself.

Andy Simon apologies for the inconvenience, but guarantees the viewers already a spectacular and entertaining evening tonight. The Grand Final Gala will start on this website at 20:00 CET.

- written by: Andy Simon
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- sources: Andy Simon