avatar 02 Jan 2013; 7:52 CET
written by Andy Simon


The fact that the outcome of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012 was not revealed yet yesterday, was a bit disappointing, but tonight is the night.

At 20:00 CET, the 2nd & 3rd part of this year's Euro Friends Final will be launched, containing guestperformances of Alexander Rybak, Yohanna and Loreen. That what everybody is really waiting for is ofcourse the voting.

116 Euro Friends from 36 countries cast their votes for the Grand Final, between the 14th and 19th of December. The votes have been count and translated into a 50% juryvoting / 50% televoting. The votes of the televoters have been combined per country, but only if that country had a minimum of 3 voters. These combined votes resulted in a top 10 per country and that top 10 will tonight during the voting be revealed by spokespersons. Countries with only 1 or 2 voters were combined as 1, the United Countries.

These are the 21 countries + the United Countries giving their points in the Grand Final tonight.

- United Kingdom (15 voters)
- Sweden (9 voters)
- Germany (6 voters)
- Costa Rica (6 voters)
- Belgium (5 voters)
- Greece (5 voters)
- Finland (5 voters)
- Ireland (4 voters)
- Netherlands (4 voters)
- France (3 voters)
- Portugal (3 voters)
- Denmark (3 voters)
- Mexico (3 voters)
- Luxembourg (3 voters)
- United States of America (3 voters)
- FYR Macedonia (3 voters)
- Serbia (3 voters)
- Switzerland (3 voters)
- Norway (3 voters)
- Israel (3 voters)
- Spain (3 voters)

- United Countries (11 voters from 8 countries)
Cyprus - Turkey - Poland - Canada - Australia - Austria - Malta - South Africa

The televoters distribute a total of 1276 points and as it is a 50% jurvoting/50% televoting, the jury has the same amount of points to give. Each jurymember voted for his or her personal top 10. The votes per song were then translated into percentages and these percentages were then taken from 1276 to determine the final juryscore per song.

The points from jury and televoters together will decide the ranking in the Grand Final and the winner of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012!

Don't miss the thrilling voting, tonight from 20:00 CET!!!

- written by: Andy Simon
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- sources: Andy Simon