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written by Andy Simon


After 14 months and 66 voting rounds, the search for the Best Eurovision Song Ever came to an end in a spectacular Grand Final Gala from the Nekkerhal in Mechelen, Belgium on the 1st and 2nd of January. 116 voters from 36 countries from all corners of the world, in a 50% juryvoting/ 50% televoting ranked the 25 finalists and after a thrilling voting, the 2012 Euro Friends Song Contest turned into a landslide victory for Zeljko Joksimovic and 'Lane moje', the song that earlier brought Serbia & Montenegro to 2nd place in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2004 in Istanbul. Days before the Euro Friends Final, the majority of the Euro Friends already predicted his victory in the Prediction Poll. There was no doubt about it, this is the undisputed winner of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012:

Croatia finished 2nd with Danijela's 'Neka mi ne sane' and Shiri Maimon brought Israel back to 3rd place, like in 2010, with 'Hasheket shenish'ar'. Portugal, for the first time in the final, managed to occupy spot #4 with 'Senhora do mar' and the Italian entry of 1992, 'Rapsodia' completes the top 5. This is the entire scoreboard.

Zeljko Joksimovic already reached the Euro Friends Final last year, finishing 6th in Düsseldorf and now also had his composition 'Lejla' from 2006 in the Final. Zeljko earlier this year represented Serbia again in the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with 'Nije ljubav stvar' and in 2008 even hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. Zeljko follows in the footsteps of Alexander Rybak and Yohanna, who won the Euro Friends Song Contest in previous years.

The Euro Friends Team would like to congratulate all the finalists for their impressive journey throughout the contest and in particular winner Zeljko Joksimovic for this amazing achievement.

- written by: Andy Simon
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- sources: Andy Simon