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written by Andy Simon


On Christmasday, Andy Simon hosted the last of 60 episodes of the Euro Friends Show. 1 week later the glamourous Euro Friends Final Gala 2012 really brought an end to the Eurovision entertainment that Andy and his team had brought many Eurovision fans in the previous 14 months. Andy Simon stayed really vague about whether there was a future for the contest and whether there would be new episodes of the show. Even when he co-hosted the 1st Radio International Eurovision Show of the year and got pressured to continue by host JP, Andy mainly expressed his desire for a period of rest and quietness.

Today, after 1 month of silence, Andy Simon released the following message:

"Dear Euro Friends,

during 14 months, I had the honor to inform you about everything concerning Eurovision, to entertain you and to guide you through our terribly exciting search for the Best Eurovision Song Ever. It was a wonderful experience for myself and my team, but also a very intense one. Towards the end, I really longed for a period of rest. I always kept all options open and therefor stayed very vague regarding the future of the Euro Friends Show and the Euro Friends Song Contest.

Today, I can reveal you that there will be a new season of the Euro Friends Show and that it will start very soon. The exact date for the 61st episode of the Euro Friends Show has not been decided yet. I can reveal though that the show will be remarkably shorter then before. We want to focus more on quality then quantity, make the show more fast and flashing and put the main focus on the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The Euro Friends Show will guide the viewers through the maze that is the national final season and prepare the Eurovision fans for Malmö, from which, like last year, we will bring live coverage of the 2 Eurovision weeks. I am very much looking forward to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest and I hope the Eurovision fans will follow the contest and the preparations before through the new Euro Friends Show.

About the Euro Friends Song Contest, Andy Simon had not much to say: "We have not decided yet whether there will be a 4th edition of our search for the Best Eurovision Song Ever. At this point all our attention goes to the National Final Season 2013 that really got into full swing last weekend with the first Supersaturday of the year. So much is going on all over Europe at the same time, enough to fill more then 1 show per week, so we don't need to add an extra competition at this point. I think it's normal after a competition that last for 14 months, to take a break, both for us and for the voters. "

More information about the release of the 1st Euro Friends Show of the season will follow in this website in the upcoming days.

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