avatar 24 Feb 2013; 12:34 CET
written by Andy Simon


On Friday, in the 1st Euro Friends Show of the new season, the viewers could discover the brand-new logo for the show. This year there is only 1 color, light blue.

Andy Simon, host and producer of the Euro Friends Show, motivates the choice for this logo: "The logo represents what the Euro Friends Show wants to stand for: a glamourous show for the people with the people about the Eurovision Song Contest. It is clearly a stage with audience and spotlights, which refers to Eurovision as a stage for international artists. However, to create a unity with the whole programme, the logo is also transferred into the Euro Friends -stage. In the back, the discoball is implemented, spotlights included. The ball on its own stands for the glitter and glamour that has become characteristic for the Eurovision Song Contest. The people in the crowd are not just a detail, they are very important as they not only represent the enthusiasm of the Eurovision fans, but also indicate that the Euro Friends Show will focus more then ever on the people. I want to move away from the one-man-show it has mainly been until now and include more people in the programme, which can only make the show more interesting. The first new episode already showed interviews with Norwegian songwriter Karen Park and German singer Natalie Hörler from Cascada. In the near future we will also include the opinions of the viewers on the songs for Malmö, for which people can still mail me. Besides the meaning that is behind the logo, I think it looks very nice and that is not unimportant as well. I hope the viewers like the new logo."

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
- selection: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon