avatar 08 Mar 2013; 11:20 CET
written by Andy Simon


The Euro Friends Team experienced quite some problems this week, that unfortunately result in a delay of the 63rd Euro Friends Show, that was originally scheduled for tonight.

It all started last weekend, when Andy Simon attended Beosong 2013 in Serbia. He returned home very sick, due to having been served at breakfast a yoghurt that most likely had passed the expiration date. This illness prevented the host of the Euro Friends Show of entering the studio in time for recordings. When he felt better, instantly the week was rescheduled to get everything still ready for tonight's show. Then however bad luck stroke again.

The main editingprogramme that creates the Euro Friends Show failed to work. Apple, the company that provided the programme, is currently trying to solve the errors. In the meantime, the production of the new Euro Friends Show is on hold.

Andy Simon reacts: "I am really disappointed about having to delay the Euro Friends Show, especially as we are in one of the most important national final weeks of the whole season. During our entire existence, we have already very often been victim of bad luck and problems. However, we always fought back and that is exactly what we will also do now. Once all problems will be resolved, we will return with, in my opinion, the strongest episode of the Euro Friends Show of this season. We didn't only come back from Belgrade with a lot of interesting video material, also some of the most exciting national finals of the season will be covered in the upcoming show. I count on the patience of my viewers and promise the 63rd Euro Friends Show will be worth the waiting."

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
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