avatar 22 Mar 2013; 20:58 CET
written by Andy Simon


2013 seems to turn into an 'annus horribilis' for the Euro Friends Show. While the new episodes are welcomed with enthusiasm and increasing viewing figures, a bad curse seems to boycot the making of the show, week after week.

Earliet this month, a yoghurt made host Andy Simon ill for a few days. This was followed by technical problems with the editing software of Apple. Now it's coffee that prevents viewers from having a new episode of their favorite Eurovision show tonight. Andy Simon, who is also editor and producer of the show, accidentally threw coffee over the MacBook on which the shows are being edited. The damage is huge and the MacBook is currently being repaired. Until today, it remains uncertain how long the fans will have to wait for a new episode. Andy Simon regrets that he can not present a new show tonight and hopes to entertain the Eurovision fans again very soon.

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
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