avatar 29 Apr 2013; 9:31 CET
written by Andy Simon


Tonight, the 66th Euro Friends Show will present the previewclips of Semi-Final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. A jury of 5 Eurovision experts will comment on the songs. Yesterday it was already revealed that Dov Haimson & Jean-François Dejeneffe, members of the Euro Friends Team would sit in the jury, now a 3rd name is revealed: Andrej Babic.

Babic is a Croatian composer and big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. No less then 18 of his songs reached a national selection, not only in Croatia, but also Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and even Portugal, Switzerland, Georgia and Belarus. 6 times he won a national final and his songs reached the Eurovision stage.

2003 - Croatia: Vise nisam tvoja - Claudia Beni

2005 - Bosnia & Herzegovina: Call me - Femminem

2007 - Slovenia: Cvet z juga - Alenka Gotar

2008 - Portugal: Senhora do mar - Vânia Fernandes

2009 - Slovenia: Love symphony - Quartissimo feat. Martina

2012 - Portugal: Vida minha - Filipa Sousa

You can hear Andrej's opinion on the songs of this year's Eurovision Song Contest tonight, from 20:00 CET, when the 66th Euro Friends Show will be released on www.euro-friends.com.

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
- selection: Andy Simon
- sources: Andrej Babic