avatar 29 Apr 2013; 11:33 CET
written by Andy Simon


Tonight, the 66th Euro Friends Show will present the previewclips of Semi-Final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. A jury of 5 will comment on the songs, being Eurovision experts Dov Haimson & Jean-Franēois Dejeneffe, Croatian composer Andrej Babic, Polish singer Marcin Mrozinski and last but definitely not least the Lady of the Sea: Vānia Fernandes!

Fernandes is a singer from Portugal who represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2008 in Belgrade with 'Senhora do mar'. In the 2nd Semi-Final, she reached 2nd place and after being stuck in the Semi-Final for 4 years, Portugal finally qualified for the final, to great delight of the audience in the arena and the fans all over the world. In the final, she reached 13th place, which is the best result of Portugal of the past 16 years. Nevertheless, the song is generally considered being totally underrated and at the beginning of this year, it was voted to be one of the 5 best Eurovision songs of all times in the Euro Friends Song Contest 2012.

2008 - Portugal: Senhora do mar - Vānia Fernandes

You can hear Vānia's opinion on the songs of this year's Eurovision Song Contest tonight, from 20:00 CET, when the 66th Euro Friends Show will be released on www.euro-friends.com.

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