avatar 04 May 2013; 15:00 CET
written by Andy Simon


After the unofficial previewshow for Semi-Final 1 of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, released on Monday, tonight it's time for the sequel. Andy Simon will present all the songs of Semi-Final 2 with their official previewclip in the 67th Euro Friends Show. The jury consisting of Eurovision experts Jean-François Dejeneffe and Dov Haimson, composer Andrej Babic and Eurovision stars Vânia Fernandes and Eldar Qasimov are still on duty to give their uncensored opinion on the songs and to cast their votes.

The votes of the jury will be used in the search for the Best Eurovision Song of 2013, that will win the Euro Friends Award 2013. The 10 qualifiers of Semi-Final 2 will be chosen through a 50% jury voting/ 50% televoting. The televoting will open at 22:00 CET and stay open for 4 days until Wednesday, 22:00 CET. That evening also the previewshow for Semi-Final 2 is expected.

The 66th Euro Friends Show will be as always an entertaining programme with besides the 17 songs of Semi-Final 2, also the latest Eurovision News and a unique duet between 2 Eurovision stars. Last but not least, the viewers will get useful tips about packing a suitcase.

The new show will be released tonight at 20:00 CET on www.euro-friends.com, where also the previous episodes can still be found.

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
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- sources: Andy Simon