avatar 15 May 2013; 17:18 CET
written by Andy Simon


In the past weeks, the Euro Friends could vote for their favorite songs of Semi-Final 1 and 2 of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The votes have been combined and count together with the juryvotes. The qualifiers of Semi-Final 1 were already revealed in Euro Friends Show #68 and in the brand-new episode also the qualifiers of Semi-Final 2 are presented. That means the final voting can kick off. Like SVT, also the producers of the Euro Friends Show decided the running-order for the final.

Televoters and jury have until Friday the 17th of May, 12:00 CET, to vote for their personal top 10 out of these 26 songs. The winner of the 50% televoting - 50% juryvoting will win the Euro Friends Award 2013!

These are the 26 songs still in the running for the trophy:
01 Switzerland
02 Spain
03 San Marino
04 Malta
05 Croatia
06 France
07 Italy
08 Austria
09 Iceland
10 Denmark
11 Russia
12 Finland
13 Estonia
14 Serbia
15 Georgia
16 Sweden
17 United Kingdom
18 Belgium
19 Ukraine
20 Netherlands
21 Greece
22 Azerbaijan
23 Norway
24 Ireland
25 Israel
26 Germany

During the 1st Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, the entries of Austria, Croatia and Serbia were already kicked out. However they are still in the running for the Euro Friends Award 2013. That will also be the case for the songs of Semi-Finals that could possibly fail to reach the Eurovision final. The voting for the Euro Friends Award 2013 stays open until Friday the 17th of May, 12:00 AM CET.

The votingform can be found on the homepage of www.euro-friends.com. Everybody can vote only once and unlike in the Semi-Finals, people can NOT vote for their own country. The winner of the Euro Friends Award 2013 will be revealed in the 70th Euro Friends Show.

- written by: Andy Simon
- sources: Andy Simon
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- sources: Andy Simon